Vaccines of Future: Bridging Science and Society

March 20-22, 2025 Shanghai China

Vaccine Innovation Forum World
第6届 疫苗创新国际论坛


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In the realm of vaccine innovation, collaboration isthe catalyst for progress. To facilitate meaningful interactions and foster partnerships that drive the field forward, we are proud to introduce our tailored One-on-One Meeting System at the Vaccine Innovation Forum World. This innovative platform empowers delegates to orchestrate face-to-face meetings,amplifying the exchange of ideas, expertise, and possibilities.

Navigating the intricacies of vaccine development,from cutting-edge research to strategic alliances, requires personal connections that transcend conventional networking. The One-on-One Meeting System offers a user-friendly interface that allows participants to seamlessly schedule private discussions with fellow delegates, speakers, and industry leaders.

Whether you are an early-career scientist seekingmentorship, a researcher pursuing collaborative projects, or a representative of an organization exploring partnerships, this system provides the tools to shape your event experience. By matching your expertise, interests, and goalswith the right counterparts, we aim to cultivate an environment where collaboration flourishes and transformative ideas take root.

Embrace this opportunity to leverage the power ofpersonal connections in the pursuit of innovative solutions. Join us at the Vaccine Innovation Forum World and unlock the potential of one-on-one interactions that will shape the future of vaccine research, development, and deployment.

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