Vaccines of Future: Bridging Science and Society

March 20-22, 2025 Shanghai China

Vaccine Innovation Forum World
第6届 疫苗创新国际论坛


Vaccine Innovation Forum (VIF)   World 2024 to be held in China aims to bring together experts, researchers, policy makers, and industry leaders from around the world to collaborate and advance the field ofvaccine development and immunization. Vaccines have played a crucial role inpreventing and controlling infectious diseases, and they continue to be instrumental in safeguarding global public health. China, with its significant contributions to vaccine research, development, and production, serves as an ideal host for this prestigious event.

As the   world faces emerging infectious threats and ongoing health challenges, it iscrucial to foster international cooperation and knowledge exchange in the realmof vaccine development. This conference will serve as a platform to sharecutting-edge research findings, discuss innovative vaccine technologies,address global immunization gaps, and promote equitable vaccine distribution.

Key sessions for 2024: Novel Vaccine Innovation:

New Vaccine Platforms and Technologies(Ex. RNA-basedtechnologies):

Veterinary Vaccines:

Cancer Vaccines & Immunotherapies:

Bioprocessing & Manufacturing:

Clinical Trial/Vaccine Safety:

Market Access/Regulatory/International Partnership:

Adjuvant, Formulation, and Delivery Technologies:

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